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Hello, and Welcome to Fly Stay Luxe!

The start of 2018 has been very busy for us here at Fly Stay Luxe as we finally launched our new blog! It feels like such a relief, as we've been planning this website launch for over 6 months. We started to build it in November, in between a few other exciting projects and today we have finally launched! We hope you like it. If you have any feedback or suggestions, or you might be interested in collaborating, please get in contact with us. We'd love to hear from you!

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A Little About Us

Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Amanda. I'm an Australian who has travelled the world extensively over the past 15 years. Like many, I started out as a backpacker and budget traveller, carting a backpack around America, Europe and Asia in my early twenties.

Now I'm a little older, a little wiser and with my early travel days behind me, I have transformed into a luxury travel ambassador. Over the years I've become very savvy at planning holidays that make my travel dollar stretch further, so I can afford to travel in luxury every time I go on vacation. I've mastered the fine art of flying in style (think, Business Class air travel) and accommodation in 4 and 5-star hotels (including free stays). And now I want to share all this knowledge with you!

I created this blog because my friends and family always ask me for advice when planning their travels. When they tell me how much they usually spend on their holidays my jaw drops! I began to realise that most people don't know where to look for good deals on travel and end up paying top dollar as a result. And so, Fly Stay Luxe was born. A place where I can not only inspire your travels but also post my tips and tricks on how to travel in luxury for less.

If you would like to know more about Amanda (me) or Fly Stay Luxe, check out our About Page.

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But We're All About You!

Enough about us, what about you?!

Many minds together can do greater things, right? Fly Stay Luxe wasn't created just to feature the advice and travel stories of one person. Our vision for Fly Stay Luxe is one of a community of like-minded travellers who love to chase big adventures, stay at beautiful luxury hotels and resorts, and share their knowledge with each other.

So how can you get involved in our community?

  1. Follow us on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest or Twitter. You'll be the first to hear about new developments as our community grows.
  2. Subscribe to our YouTube account so we can share our travel videos with you.
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What's In The Pipeline

Here's a little rundown on what you can expect to see on Fly Stay Luxe:

1. Travel Guides & Itineraries

We have many trips already scheduled for 2018, and we're going to share our full itinerary for each destination. We plan all our trips ourselves without going through a travel agent. This is one way that we save a lot of money on luxury travel. We hope that you will find these itineraries valuable and they also help you to save a ton of money (that you can spend on your next holiday).

2. Hotel Reviews

This blog will also feature reviews of our favourite hotels we stay at around the world. I love to visit places that have been recommended to me by other people in my tribe. There's no better recommendation than word-of-mouth, right? If you know of a hotel that you think we should check out, tell us all about it!

3. Luxury Travel Tips & Useful Information

Our aim is to make this website an outlet where you can get inspired and find useful information to plan your own travels. We'll be posting regular articles about finding the best luxury travel deals. We're also currently working on an eBook that is packed full of tips and tricks to help you find the best airfares, cheap luxury holiday packages, hotel booking tips and how to get those little extras that make travel more special!

4. Epic Travel Videos

We have been busy over the last few months shooting and editing a series of inspiring travel videos. These videos will showcase the best of the destinations that we travel to and will hopefully inspire your own travels. If you want to be the first to know when we start releasing these videos, head on over to our YouTube channel and subscribe!

5. Featuring Your Travel Stories

As we mentioned earlier, we are planning to commence featuring luxury travel related guest posts from other travel bloggers in the near future. We are currently working hard on building up our audience so that your articles will receive the credit they deserve. To be the first to know when we start accepting guest posts subscribe to our newsletter!

6. Great Deals on Luxury Hotels

This is an exciting one. We are currently on the hunt for a collaboration partner to offer our community members exclusive access to great deals on luxury getaways in some of our favourite destinations. If this is something you are interested in then absolutely click on that subscribe button to receive updates on developments in this space.

Do You Want to Travel in Luxury More?

If you think you can't afford to travel in luxury, think again. We're not about high-end, ultra luxurious travel that only 1% of the world's population can afford. We're all about affordable luxury for the average person with a standard income. For those of you who are not necessarily ‘rolling in it', but still want to travel in luxury, then our community is for you!

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 What do you think of our new website? We'd love to hear your comments or recommendations in the comments below.